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Creative Yoga Games For Kids – Volume 2


I am proud to have been the photographer for these great Yoga cards.

Just released!¬†Available from ‘Over the Moon’ website.


Centering the Self before Dance

I took these photographs to show the calming ritual at the beginning of an Over The Moon Dance Class. This Centering practice prepares the dancers for the mind body connection and focus that is integral to yoga and creative dance.

Preschool Class at Over The Moon Dance Studio

Over The Moon Dance Preschool Class

I’d like to share this YouTube video with you. I have assisted in a preschool dance class at Over The Moon Dance Studio, Castlemaine, for the past decade. I love to dance and I love to encourage dance. Participating in yoga and dance has been one of the healthiest and happiest experiences in my life. It was a privelege to photograph these children. Thank you Edna


This slideshow demonstrates the children in a class with Edna Reinhardt doing yoga together, doing a quiet design activity, being inspired by beautiful music and improvising their own dance. Ties are snakes, boxes are telephones, scarves are birds. Anything goes!

Photography by Katherine Seppings
Music – 1. Scarlatti (D): Sonata In D Minor, K32 played by Michael Lewin 2. Etienne et Petunia by Edgar Meyer played by Yo-Yo Ma, Mark O’Connor, Edgar Meyer