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Opinion Article in The Big Smoke

The removal of Palestine by Google Maps

Katherine Seppings

1018316866-640x360Read here: https://thebigsmoke.com.au/2018/11/29/removal-palestine-google-maps/

I am really pleased to have been invited to write this opinion piece for The Big Smoke on why Palestine is not on Google Maps and the journey that Palestine has been forced to make into non-existence by Israel’s existence. (Published 29 Nov 2018)

Very informative history and for me an introduction into the part played by map makers and services like Google Maps with their biases, making them complicit in political struggles for borders and land, and erasing nations like Palestine from their maps – and all that implies. Great article and much to think about.’ Di Dell


Nov 2011

Amazing. So economical, and yet every sentence descriptive. So much said in such a short time. Helen Snodgrass

Lovely..would like to read more… Linda Tamang

Really compelling reading. I wanted more, and can’t wait for more Gloria Meltzer

Beautifully written and read! Abbie Heathcote

Wonderful writing. As others have suggested Katherine, you convey so much in so short a space and your words carry a weight that is layered and lovely yet filled with a sort of foreboding or a promise. Elisabeth

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“Hello, I’m Katherine Seppings. I’m going to read from my manuscript Paris in the Spring – a chapter called ‘The Winds of Barranquilla.’

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