Katherine Seppings has provided photos for the Castlemaine Secondary College Newsletter (2011-12) and for the Castlemaine Primary School Newsletter (2004-10).

Katherine sent a photo of Castlemaine Primary students to RSPCA’s Pawprints magazine.

In 2005, Katherine Seppings did a drawing of the school to be used for the 150th celebratory glasses, badges and stationery.



Chewton Chat – Issue 142 (Dec 2010)

Chewton Chat (2007)



Katherine Seppings is interviewed at her Street Life exhibition, Falkner Gallery, Castlemaine (2008)



Castlemaine Theatre Company

Katherine Seppings designed and painted the backdrop for My Fair Lady (2009) and The Jungle Book  (2008), both performed at the Phee Broadway Theatre, Castlemaine.


During the 1980s, Katherine Seppings took photographs and designed posters of shows for Foote Street Theatre Co., Melbourne. She also designed sets.





Katherine Seppings provided the front cover image of the Chewton Visitor’s Guide brochure (2006).

Katherine Seppings had an ‘Images of Chewton’ display at the Welcome to Chewton Kit launch at the Chewton Town Hall (2005).

Katherine Seppings has supplied a variety of photographs of Chewton’s historic buildings, and events, to the Castlemaine Mail and to the Midland Express.



A Mothers’ Seating Place

Katherine Seppings contributed two tiles for this community art project, honouring mothers, in Victory Park, Castlemaine. The words she hand-painted onto the tiles were from a letter she wrote to the local RSL seeking permission for the seat as a worthy inclusion to the park (2003).

Tile One

Mothers keep the home fires burning
and whole nations fed and functioning
while their love ones are away
fighting wars.
Mothers heal wounds and tend to graves.
Mothers hold families, communities
and cultures together during times
of war and times of peace,
yet their strength and courage,
their ordinary, everyday heroic efforts
go largely unsung.

Tile Two

Throughout time, Mothers have lost
their sons and daughters to war,
and will continue to do so until
peaceful ways of resolving conflict
are put into practice.
Here in Victory Park, the heart and soul
of Castlemaine, let us honour life alongside death,
let us remember wars elsewhere –
in the past and those happening today –
and let us pay our respects
to the undeniable importance of mothers.


Katherine Seppings gave a talk about photography at the Brickworks, Castlemaine (1990).