A Lightness of Being Anthology

A Lightness of Being Anthology_cover s

According to editor Janette Fernando: ‘One of the tasks of the poet is to stop, look, listen, reflect and record the ‘present moment’ in a way that will resonate with the reader or provide a new perspective.’
I have two poems in A Lightness of Being published by Poetica Christi Press – ‘Home’ and ‘Coming to Rest’ which you can read here – https://katherineseppings.com/poetry/


Once upon a time
all loneliness
and restlessness
was on the outside
and inside
was a place like home.
Not of bricks and mortar,
fitted with doors,
not somewhere
I had to move on from
to find where I belonged.
It was a place
more like the sun trapped
on a long day
amongst sand dunes,
more like
the sound of something:
almost forgotten,
finally returning.
More like
the beginning of rain
before dawn
when the last thought
is relinquished,
bedded down,
laid to rest.

(c) Katherine E Seppings